There literally hundreds of PPC, PTC, GetPaidTo, etc sites around. The trouble is knowing what sites to trust and which ones to stay clear of.  As I update the site, I will ad links and other useful information to help you form your own opinion of such sites.

Neobux is one of the leaders in the PTC industry. It has been around and paying since 2008 and consistanly ranks among the top sites on almost every list. It offers a unique way of earning from not just viewing ads but also your referrals work and purchases as well. Just recently the site has incorporated a mini jobs section, a video viewing section, as wel as some new and exciting contests and discounts. 

BuxP continues to stand out as one of the ptc's with the most ads to view. There is also the opportunity to earn from doing other small tasks. As a free member you can enjoy a nice chunck of ads to view daily as well as the opportunity to earn from people you invite to the program . 

Incentria offers you the chance to earn while doing minimal work. Loging in daily and viewing the ads that are reserved for you can create a pretty decent bonous for your night out. Getting memebers to join can help boost your income tremendously. 

Clixsense offers users a unique way to earn. Not only do you get to earn from refs, mini jobs, and viewing ads but the have a pretty fun clix grid game. You can win up $5.oo just by playing this game alone. This is also one of the oldest and most trusted sites around. It has one of the largests member bases as well. 

Clicksia is a similar site to all of the above. It offers effortless earning through ad viewing . Users also have the option to participate in other tasks to earn money and help increas earnings. For a great way to take your earningss to the next level participating in the referral program is suggested. 

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Ayuwage is a site where users can earn through ad viewing. This site also offers a user forum with exciting updates and other ways to earn . There is the chance to earn more with referrals. This site has been around and paying for quite some time and is trusted in the community.

Scarlet clicks a is a great ptc where you can earn from clicking and viewing ads for a set mount of time. You can also earn from your down line but unlike many other places you get up to 100% or your refs earnings in your account. As always upgrading is a possibility once you are comfortable with the site and how it operates to double your take.

BuxMatrix has been around for quite some time. Since 2008 to be exact. Its one of the trusted ptcs in the business because of its service and amount of time in the business.  Members have a chance to earn from both a ptc aspect along with referrals as well as a very powerful forced matrix.